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The Call Duck

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Weighing less than a kilo, Call Ducks are the smallest of any domesticated duck breed.  Due to their size, they are extremely popular pets, loved by children as they are easily handled and tamed.  They are cheap to keep and don't need large housing.  If you want to allow them to free range you should clip their wings as they are extremely strong fliers. 

What they lack in size they make up for in sound! 

Called a Call Duck for good reason, they are noisy little ducks, far louder than the other breeds of ducks we keep on the farm.  Therefore, if you have close by neighbours, you may be best to consider a quieter breed of duck, such as the German Pekin duck, a lovely heavy breed of duck which we also breed on the farm.

One of our beautiful Butterscotch Call Ducks

Call Ducks have an interesting history.  They were initially used in hunting where their loud quacks would lure wild ducks into traps or awaiting hunters. 


Nowadays, they are an ornamental breed, kept mainly as pets and always popular with children thanks to their size; they're certainly a favourite of our daughter, Ophelia!  They are an extremely popular show breed, almost always having the largest class of any waterfowl breed.

They aren't an easy duck to breed, with the females only laying around 20 - 60 small eggs in Spring.

We keep a three different colours of Call ducks on the farm, including Butterscotch, Apricot and the rare and beautiful Lavender,.  ​Our birds have been sourced from some of the best lines in the country and are good examples of their colour and type. 

Call Duck Group Lavender .jpeg

Some of our rare Lavender Call Ducks

We breed our Calls in Spring and sell ducklings and older stock according to availability. 

Call Duck Pricelist:


Hatching eggs: £5 per egg + P&P £8 

Unsexed Ducklings <4 weeks old: £35 per duckling

Ducks >4 weeks old: £65


Drakes >4 weeks old: £40


Pairs: £90+ depending on colour


It’s best to join our waiting lists if you’re keen to add this beautiful duck to your flock this year.  We can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced poultry couriers.  Please Contact Us for more info.

Call Duck Yellow Belly Duckling2.jpg.jpe

One of our Call Ducklings

Call Duck Gallery

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