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Poultry For Sale

Here is an overview of the stock we have available currently and is kept updated, however, during the busy Spring and Summer months when chicks, ducklings, goslings and keets are hatching most days it's always best to contact us to see what we have available and to join our waiting lists to be the first to know when we do have what you're looking for.

We guarantee mature poultry for 14 days - find out more about our Flood Street Guarantee here - and can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced poultry couriers.

When coming to collect poultry from the farm, please remember to bring with you a large enough cardboard box or pet crate, with either a towel or poultry bedding inside. Alternatively, we have purpose-built poultry carry boxes with bedding available to buy for £4 to safely transport your poultry home.

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It's been an extremely busy season and most 2022 stock has now sold out. 


We do however have just a few really beautiful Isabella Brahma chicks (unsexed), pullets and cockerels available.  We hope to have more chicks and ducklings hatching in July.


Do contact us now if know what you want and are keen to join our waiting lists for next year.

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Sheep For Sale

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We lamb our Ronnies in April/May and have only a few lambs (ewe, ram & wether lambs) available for pet homes each year.  All lambs are registered with the UK North Ronaldsay flock book and will come with pedigree papers. 

Definitely get in touch as early as possible if you fancy adding some of these extraordinary sheep to your family as demand is always very high and we sadly never manage to meet demand. 

We have sold all of our 2022 North Ronaldsay lambs but have opened our waiting list for 2023.

We guarantee our stock for 14 days - find out more about our Flood Street Guarantee here - and can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced livestock couriers.

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Other Items For Sale

Sheep Fleeces

We sell some of the Fleeces from our flock of North Ronaldsay sheep after shearing in May/June each year.  North Ronaldsays have one of the finest quality fleece of any native breed of sheep, so are ideal for spinning and making in to all sorts of beautiful things.  The colours are varied and beautiful too.  Do get in touch if you would like to reserve some fleece from this year's shearing.  Fleeces are sold whole and are raw, unwashed and unprocessed, ready for you to work with.  Please get in touch to enquire what we have available to reserve/buy.

2022 fleeces are ready to buy now and we have lots of beautiful coloured fleeces available, for just £20 each.  Contact us for more info and to make your reservation.


We sell eating eggs from our flock outside the front of the farm.  We also sell hatching eggs from most of the birds we breed during breeding season, which we ship UK-wide.  Please contact us to order hatching eggs in Spring/Summer.

Some of our Happy Customers...

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