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The German Pekin Duck

Sadly now a Priority breed listed in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) Watchlist, this striking breed of domestic duck is now seriously endangered. We chose to breed the Appleyard colour as they’re so beautiful to look at, with their bright orange beaks and feet. 


As a sexually dimorphic breed of duck, we love the contrast of the male vs. female colourings – a novelty to us initially as we were used to Cayuga Ducks where the males and females have the same colouring. 


I always think the markings around the females’ heads make them look as though they have beautifully defined cheekbones!


A Trio of German Pekins meeting their Pilgrim Geese Neighbours

German Pekin Duckling.jpeg

Pekins are a gentle giant of the duck world; they are a heavy breed weighing in between 3.5 – 4kg. 


They are a relatively quiet duck and have a distinctive upward stance.  

Pekin ducks lay around 80 large eggs per year.

We breed our Pekins in Spring and Summer and sell hatching eggs, ducklings and older stock according to availability. 

German Pekin Duckling

German Pekin Duck Pricelist:


Hatching eggs: £4 per egg, min order 1/2 Doz. + P&P £8 

Ducklings <4 weeks old: £25 per duckling

Ducklings >4 weeks old: £35 per duckling

Ducks: £50

Drakes: £30

Pairs: £75

German Pekin Ducks 3jpg.jpg

It’s best to join our waiting lists if you’re keen to add this sweet and gentle duck to your flock this year. We can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced poultry couriers.  Please Contact Us for more info.

German Pekin Duck Gallery

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