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The Isabella Brahma

Brahma Chicks.jpg

Isabella Brahma Chicks

Large Fowl Brahma are the giants of the chicken world, one of the biggest breeds going, reaching as much as 6kg!  Fortunately, the term ‘gentle giants’ apply to this breed and they are a really docile, sweet-natured breed, tending to be easily tamed and good around children. 


Given their size, Brahmas cannot fly and are a VERY slow maturing breed so it's a real patience game breeding these beautiful birds. 


Brahmas are also available as bantam versions, but personally, a lot of the beauty in this breed for me is in their magnificent size so I only breed the large fowl variety.

Originally an American breed, Brahmas come in lots of different colours and patterns and are an extremely hardy bird.  I breed the rare and ever popular Isabella or Lavender Partridge which, compared with some of the bolder Brahma colours, have a much more subtle lavender coloured patterned feathers which I think are just beautiful.  


Isabella is still quite a rare Brahma colour and the birds are really stand out beauties in any flock – not that I’m at all biased!  

Isabella Hen.jpeg

I have a free-range flock and my Brahmas happily mix with all breeds (I have 25+ different breeds), including some of the smallest bantam breeds in the world.

Brahmas can lay around 300 medium-large brown eggs per year and are known to be good Winter egg layers.  Again, given they are a slow maturing breed, pullets can be 7+ months before they are Point of Lay (POL). 


I have found the Brahma to be one of the best broody breeds of chicken, capable of rearing large numbers of eggs – and not only chicken eggs, I’ve successfully hatched out Guinea Fowl and even waterfowl eggs under my girls.

Young Isabella Brahma Hen

We have had success showing our Brahmas in large poultry shows, most recently winning 1st prize in a large class with one of our hens at the New Forest Show in 2019.

We breed our Isabellas in Spring and Summer and sell hatching eggs, chicks and older stock according to availability. 

Always popular, it’s best to join our waiting lists if you’re keen to add this magnificent chicken to your flock this year.  We can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced poultry couriers.  Please Contact Us for more info.

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Newly hatched Brahma Chicks

Isabella Brahma Pricelist:

Hatching eggs: £3 per egg - minimum order 1/2 Doz. + P&P £8 per Doz.

Unsexed Chicks <4 weeks old: from £10 per chick


Pullets: £55

Cockerels: from £5


Pairs: £65

Isabella Brahma Gallery

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