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Sales Ts&Cs

Upon transferring your deposit/ payment in full to Flood Street Farm, you are bound by the following terms of sale:

(i) All deposits/payments in full are non-refundable.  In the event that you should change your mind or cannot proceed with the sale for any reason, you surrender your deposit/payment in full to Flood Street Farm. 

(ii) Animals are not an ‘off the shelf product’, and whilst we do our best, working with our vets to predict pregnancies (sheep) and our experience to estimate hatch rates (poultry), nature will obviously take its course and sometimes customers need to wait longer than anticipated to have their orders fulfilled.  For example, a poor hatch rate may mean needing to wait until the next hatch for your stock.  However, your order will be prioritised from the next hatch.

(iii) We advise customers to have a good vet on hand to make sure they are supported with professional advice/treatment in the event something goes wrong with their livestock/poultry.


(iv) Poultry cannot be guaranteed to be egg-laying as so much depends on their feed/care/environment/etc.

(v) The colour of certain breeds and the exact colour of the eggs they may lay cannot be guaranteed as they do not always breed true and if being purchased as young chicks/ducklings/keets it may be too soon to know their colour at point of purchase.  No refunds or returns will be accepted if the colour of the animal or the eggs they lay is not as expected.


(vi) When purchasing sexed young stock, whilst we confidently vent sex 100s of ducklings and certain other your poultry, very occasionally it can be possible to accidentally mis-sex stock, especially when very young so we do not offer a guarantee of the sex of youngsters.  In the rare event mis-sexing occurs, although our biosecurity measures mean it's not possible to take back stock that has left the farm, we will refund any difference between a male and female purchase price, once sufficient proof is provided of the wrong sexed stock having being given.  Please note, if guaranteeing the sex of the stock you buy is critical to you, it is always safest to buy mature stock or much older youngsters, at which point the sex can be guaranteed.

(vii) If purchasing hatching eggs, whilst we make every care to ensure our eggs have fantastic fertility rates, which we test ourselves by hatching all breeds we stock throughout the breeding season, we cannot guarantee fertility or hatch rates as so much depends on the postal service/transport/storage and on individual incubator quality/techniques/etc. which is obviously outside of our control.  However, in the unlikely event of eggs arriving damaged in the post, please send photos of the packaging and eggs by email to immediately and we will replace any broken eggs.  Please note, the buyer is responsible for paying for the postage of replacement eggs.


(viii) We only ever sell animals in good health and are so confident in the quality of our stock that we guarantee mature animals purchased from Flood Street Farm for 14 days after the date of purchase.  This is a sufficient period during which any underlying illness will become apparent.  In the very rare event of a problem, please inform us as soon as possible so we can try to advise, or to arrange a refund/replacement, as appropriate and subject to availability.  Once the 14 day period is over, we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred after this period, as any issues could be as a result of the animal’s conditions/feed/care/stress/etc. 

Please note, this guarantee does not cover the following:


1. young poultry, not yet fully feathered

2. any stock delivered via courier/livestock transporter


3. any birds purchased on their own (which we strongly recommend against)


4. any lost or escaped animals


5. any injuries incurred since being in your ownership (including during transport to their new home). 

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Explore the different breeds of animal on the farm:

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