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Sebright Bantams

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They couldn’t be more different to the giant Brahmas that we also breed, Sebrights are a tiny, beautiful and characterful breed of bantam.  Whatever chores I’m doing around the farm, I can count on having my little free-range flock of Sebrights accompany me, chattering to me in their unique way as I go.  They really are unique little characters!

Classified as a ‘true bantam’, Sebrights do not come in a larger variety like a lot of chicken breeds.  They are one of the oldest English breeds and are listed in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) Watchlist.  They come in two official colours, Gold and Silver – both with stunning, intricate black lacing.  There are some non standard colours, including Citron and Chamois too.

Two Silver Sebright Chicks - it's amazing how early they get the lacing!

Both cocks and hens are unusual in that they are so-called ‘hen feathered’, meaning that cocks do not have sickle feathers like most breeds and are differentiated only by their larger size, comb and wattles.

Hens lay around 50 – 80 small white eggs a year.  Cocks weigh around 600g and hens a little less, around 500g, but don’t let their small size make you think they’re likely to get picked on by larger birds…far from…Sebrights are a spritely little breed that certainly stand up for the Chihuahua of the chicken world, they happily put the giant Brahmas in their place until they have finished feeding…!

Sebright Silver Cockerel.jpg

Tudor, our Silver Sebright Cockerel and a very handsome chap!

Sebright Brahma Award.jpg

Everyone who visits the farm always notice these beautiful little birds and ask what they are.  In fact, it’s not unusual for someone coming for something entirely different to leave with a few of these beauties as well!

We have had success showing our Sebrights in large poultry shows, most recently winning 3rd in a large Sebright class with one of our Gold pullets at the New Forest Show in 2019.

We breed our Sebrights in Spring and Summer and sell hatching eggs, chicks and older stock according to availability. 

One of our Gold Sebright Pullets came 3rd in a huge Sebright class at the New Forest Show 2019

Sebright Bantam Pricelist:


Hatching eggs: £2 per egg, min order 1/2 Doz. + P&P £8


Unsexed Chicks <4 weeks old: £10 per chick

Pullets: £35

Cockerels: £10

Pairs: £40

When we have stock available it will be advertised on our For Sale page; I'm afraid we don't operate waiting lists. 

We can deliver stock  nationwide using our fully insured, professional and experienced poultry couriers.  Please Contact Us for more info.

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Sebright Gallery

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